Line Dancing Hereford Single Star

Line Dancing Hereford Dance Class Club Leominster Holme Lacy Herefordshire

Line dancing first came to Hereford in 1986 with Tony and Shirley as the original Golden Valley Strollers. My name is Dev and my wife Anita and I started learning line dance from them in 1994, and we were immediately hooked.

We followed Golden Valley Strollers whenever they opened a new class, and enjoyed helping the beginners in their dance classes. We also followed them to live music events, social evening and festivals. Thanks Tony.

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I enjoy teaching beginners with a traditional line dance, comparatively easy routine with not too many sequences or steps. Most people pick this up on their first attempt, some take a little longer, in the end they have managed, and are thrilled with their achievements. Me to!

Students have tried other classes and have given up, come to ours and have stuck with us for years.

I am also happy to teach intermediate traditional line dances.

Teaching is a hobby for me and not a business, I want to keep it that way otherwise I will stop teaching!

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